Conversational Commerce
Guatemala, ready for the new business model?
21 June, 2021 by
Conversational Commerce
Automata Digital, Pablo Urias

What is c-commerce?

It is the dynamic where instant messaging applications are used to carry out a sale or purchase between brands and clients in the most used applications WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat Etc.

How did c-commerce come about?

Trade has evolved at great speed, for this it is important to mention its importance. By the 90s, physical stores had vendors, their limitation, inventory availability; At the beginning of the 2000s, many stores evolved to websites where they had inventory availability, but their limitation was the inability of shoppers to the new technology in smartphones. For the year 2010, Apps emerged, their limitation was the availability of space on smartphones, so downloads were not an effective option for shoppers. Finally, in 2020 a new alternative emerges, Conversational Apps, where through instant messaging Apps a complete integration of: virtual assistant + artificial intelligence + electronic commerce portals + electronic invoicing can be carried out? Of course.

What are the benefits for companies?

  • Adaptation to people and their habits, on average a person spends 180 minutes a day on their smartphone or desktop.

  • Single channel, users get all the experience through the different instant messaging channels.

  • Access to 52% of Guatemalans, 9.3 million people have a smartphone, of which 99% use one or more instant messaging applications. Another interesting fact is that in Guatemala 9 out of 10 people have never made a purchase in e-commerce.

  • 24/7 service, immediate responses when the user wishes, what we call asynchronous.

  • It is used in two categories: automation and management.

  • C-commerce grows twice as fast as e-commerce.

  • Savings in time, money, and resources.

  • Data analytics.

  • Customer loyalty.

  • Does not demand exhaustive learning. It does not require memory in the devices.

Phygital reality 

For more than five years there has been talk that the next technologies of the future are and potentially will be the following: 1. Artificial Intelligence, 2. Chatbots, 3. Big Data, 4. Business Intelligence, 5. Virtual or Augmented Reality. 

When the physical and digital world meets, it happens through digital tools and it is a hybrid where consumers can live, work, shop and play efficiently both in person and online, the target market will be people between 15 - 45 years old.

Businesses can integrate digital processes for the convenience of their consumers and enjoy the same experience, virtual experiences within the home are still imperative to promote conversational commerce sales and collect data, today more than ever in times of COVID- 19, we are at the C-COMMERCE.

Why Autómata Digital?

Because we are an innovation team that has a purpose, to promote the acceleration of digital transformation through new technologies to improve the customer experience. 

Try us. 

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Conversational Commerce
Automata Digital, Pablo Urias 21 June, 2021
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