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Connect to the social network you use the most

No more cluttering apps

All your centralized social networks, without providing access to the logic of your business, serve all your customers from the same place regardless of which social network they use.


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The world changed, you change too.

2020 marked history, changed it forever.

It is time for you to mark your own story. Ask about the tools we have for you at the best prices on the market.

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Automate your restaurant

Automata Digital offers a series of tools to automate your restaurant. From taking orders online to the point of sale for your business.

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Our clients

Our founders

Vásquez Antuche,  Dina Magnolia

Entrepreneur, engineer, animal lover and expert in the implementation of artificial intelligence for 4 years. She is a specialist in the creation and implementation of chatbots on social networks and on the website.

Hernández Curruchich, Cristopher O'Brian

Engineer in software development, data analysis and inveterate entrepreneur. He is an animal lover and firmly believes that the future of Guatemala lies in technology and education.

Torres Perén, Kevin Santiago

Co-founder of Automata Digital, a technology company in Guatemala, science and systems engineer, project planner and exerciser, entrepreneur and technology advisor for 5 years.

Chicoj Cuc, Hugo Estuardo

Engineer, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and how it changes the world we live in. Specialist in software development and passionate about artificial intelligence as the main tool of change.

Urias Johnson, Pablo Eduardo

Outgoing, adventurous, protector of animals, respectful of the environment, enterprising, technological, innovator and born merchant. Master of Science in Project Formulation and Evaluation, Bachelor of Computer Science and Human Resources Administration, in search of a new Guatemala.

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